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Ladies Auxiliary

The Ladies Auxiliary of Herndon Camp Grove is dedicated to the upkeep of the Grove's facilities.  The ladies gather each year to clean the dining hall and tabernacle, as well as raise money to provide furnishings for apartments and other needs.

The Auxiliary runs Grandma's Attic, a flea market of donated home goods, books, knick-knacks, and other items.  Grandma's Attic is open after services each day during Camp meeting except Sunday.

The Ladies Auxiliary has their annual meeting on the Wednesday afternoon of Camp meeting each year.  All ladies on the Grove are encouraged to attend.

A set of wooden steps on the side of the Tabernacle lead up to a door with a sign that says Grandma's Attic

Ladies Auxiliary Officers 2022-2023

President - Ranae Lemke

Vice President - Lisa Maurer

Treasurer - Carol Kahler

Secretary - Janet Maurer

A white sign with red letters that say Fellowship House
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