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Cottages For Sale


Purchase Procedures

From time to time, families at Herndon Camp meeting decide to sell their cottages. The following steps are necessary to own a cottage.

  • You must fill out an application with the Camp meeting Board. 

  • You must be willing to sign our statement of faith.

  • You must provide a recommendation letter from your pastor or ministerial staff.

  • You must become a member of the Camp meeting if you are not already. If you are not, click the membership button on the upper right to get started. 

  • Once completed, you can complete the sale of the cottage with the owner.

  • Do not attempt to complete the sale with the owner until you have been approved for ownership by the Association board. 

Cottages Currently For Sale*

The following cottages were for sale as of September 5, 2023

#12 Asking price $30,000   Contact 973-987-7065

#14  Asking price $15,000    Contact 585-991-8923

#16   Asking price $25,000     Contact 717-201-0066

#51  Asking price $12,000       Contact 717-433-0187

#59   Asking price $13,000     Contact 717-684-5342

#80   Asking price TBD         Contact 570-425-3645

* This information is provided as a courtesy to cottage owners to assist in the sale of their cottages. Herndon Campmeeting is not involved in cabin sale negotiations or setting prices.

All cottage sales must receive final approval from the Board of Directors. Cottage owners are encouraged to attend Camp Meeting events and be involved in the activities and upkeep of the Grove.  Please note that the Camp Grove is open from April to October and cannot accommodate year-round residence.

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