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About Our Camp Meeting

Officially established in 1901, the camp grounds at Herndon have seen continuous use ever since. Founded out of a desire to bring people together to learn, experience, and connect with God, the Grove has been a source of quiet rest and spiritual comfort to many people over all those years. 


Today, the Grove boasts many private cottages, apartments for visitors, a dining hall, a 390-seat tabernacle, and the scenic beauty that only Central Pennsylvania can provide. 


Each year for 10 days, people gather from all over the country to meet at the Grove for spiritual encouragement, fellowship, and good food. Our meetings include something for everyone - from the littlest toddlers to the oldest senior citizens: Vacation Bible School-type classes for children, Bible studies and outings for teens, Bible lessons and discussion groups for adults, and an evening evangelistic time to encourage everyone. 


Our camp meeting is designed around our desire to see you grow in your daily walk with Jesus Christ. We hope you will join us this summer and let us help you find a closer walk with Jesus. 

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